Wiring 230 Watt

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Wiring 230 VAC

Line Input Voltage/Current: Line Input Voltage is 220/230VAC. Line Input Current is approximately 5.0 Amperes for 1000 Watt Lamp, 2.5 Amperes for 500 Watt Lamp.

Cables A, B, and C: Joysticks are Factory-supplied and connected in parallel. Cables A, B and C consist of 6-conductors each, and conductors should be sized for approximately 1-Ampere.

Cable D: These two conductors are for the anti-condensation heaters, which should be sized for approximately .2 Amperes and should be always energized. If optional anti-icing heaters are also ordered, these conductors should be sized for 1-Ampere. Beam ON/OFF Switches:

Beam ON/OFF Switches are Double-Pole, Single-throw switches, and connected in Parallel. These Switches are Customer-Supplied. Conductors shown running through switches should be sized for approximately 5-Amperes.

CAUTION: Make certain all system components (Searchlight, Joystick Control Stations and Beam ON/OFF Switches) are properly grounded.

NOTE: All Fuses, Wires and Beam ON/OFF Switches supplied by Customer. Do not attempt to install equipment without using official AutoCAD Wiring Diagram, which ships with the product. (Specifications not guaranteed and subject to change without notice.)