350 Watt Xenon Remote Control

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350 Watt Xenon
Joystick Electric
Control Configuration

350 Watt Dimensions in Inches (mm)

Power Supply

Compact Electronic Current Regulated Supply. Regulated Current increases lamp-life by keeping lamp current constant despite voltage input changes. Solid State Electronics includes Universal Power Input Feature, providing 115 Volts AC and 220 Volts AC inputs on the same printed circuit board.

Joystick Control Stations

Remote control functions include:

  • Lamp ON/OFF
  • Electric Bean-sized Focus
  • Advanced Joystick which controls Speed and Direction simultaneously with one hand
    “move the joystick to the first position and it will move slowly, move it further and it will go faster”

One Master Station (C4-1-1) is required with each system and any numer of Slave Stations can be added:

  • Indoor Slave (C4-1M-1)
  • Console Flush-mount (C4E1M-1-1)
  • Outdoor Station Mounted in Weatherproof Box (C4E1M)

How to Specify a System…

Start at the left and read across table. Select White Powder or Chrome Searchlight, 115 Volt or 22o Volt Power Supply, and one C4-1-1 Master Station. Any combination and any quantity of Slave Stations can be added. Select C4-1M-1 for a Console Flush-Mount, Indoors. Select C4E1M1-1-1 for a Weatherproof Console Flush-Mount, Outdoor.

Specifications not guaranteed and subject to change without notice.