10 Inch Manual Incandescent

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10-inch (254mm)
Manual Incandescent
Searchlight Specifications


Configuring a system… Each system requires the ordering of (1) Searchlights and (1) Lamp. The installer provides lamp ON/OFF switch. To determine a price you will have to select the Searchlight Control-Type (Lever, Lever-Gear or Local Handle), Height (Standard Base, High Base or Pedestal Base) Finish (Enamel, Polished or Chrome), Voltage (24VCD, 115VAC or 230VAC) and also select a Lamp up to 500 Watts. Consult factory for any custom height (See Dimension “A”) or custom control length (distance from bottom of the base of searchlight to the center line of the control handle) your application may require. We will fabricate to your exact specification. Specifications not guaranteed and subject to change without notice.